Juris Kornets

Travel/People/The Street – How to see and think differently… and improve your portfolio. One of the most difficult aspects of photography is photographing people we do not know, in circumstances that we cannot control. Going beyond the traditional conventions of “Street Photography” and “Travel Photography” in order to get a true slice of life from a particular country or area, is a skill that can be developed. Juris will share his experiences and techniques that have evolved from 30 years of shooting, sometimes with world famous photographers and sometimes hanging from mountaintops by himself.

Juris Kornets is a Canadian professional photographer who operates a full time commercial photography business based in Toronto. Born and raised in Toronto, his first photographic assignment was to shoot thousands of images of Wayne Gretzky as he was just breaking into the NHL as the spokesperson for 7-UP. Typical clients now include a wide range of large corporations, media, and magazines, both locally in Canada and internationally - from the deserts of Africa to the rainforests of South America. Juris’ assignments have taken him to more than 50 countries to seek beauty and excitement in the world’s cultural and geographic diversity. Juris’ photography has been exhibited worldwide, and is owned by hundreds of private and corporate clients. His current project is his second photography book called Water:The Dawn of a Thirsty Century. Juris is on the advisory board for photography at Centennial College and teaches workshops all over the world. He has been conducting workshops for photographers in Cuba for many years and this year will be doing the same in Romania later this year..







upcoming speakers for 2017

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June - 15 mins of photographic fame; 7 presenters on places they have visited in Canada
July - social / Gail Shotlander • Scott Hurst
Aug - Helen Grose
Sep - Juris Kornets
Oct - Rob Stimpson
Nov - Juraj Dolanjski
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Telephone: 647-221-8166
Email: 'juris1@rogers.com
Website: www.naturalselections.ca