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Juraj Dolanjski

IR – Infrared Photography Instructional Lecture

There is a resurgence in interest in Infra Red (IR) photography especially since digital cameras came on the scene. What kind of hardware is required? Add-on filter or camera modification? DSLR or not, brand? Advantages and shortcomings of all of these will be examined. For a successful IR image other elements affect the outcome: weather, atmospheric conditions, time of day, lens choice and also a compositional angle. Black and white or false colour, get inspired by visual examples shared with the audience.

Juraj is a highly motivated and enthusiastic photographic speaker. Over 35 years of photographic experiences in varied genre are synthesized in a spontaneous and light hearted presenter. His seminars and workshops are visually illustrated and supported by up to date technical information in digital photography as well as in his unique creative style. His presentations are inspirational, dynamic and down to earth packed with topical and educational material. Juraj is an Eleven Star Master and past President of The Hamilton Camera Club.



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Email: juraj@cogeco.ca
Website: http://fotojuraj.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juraj.dolanjski