Guide to submitting to the slideshow & Troubleshooting

Please remember, only 3 images per category. Photos should be saved as .jpg or .jpeg which are the only formats accepted for the slideshow Unless otherwise stated, images should be submitted no later than 6pm on the Monday prior to the date of the next club meeting. The minimum image size is 1080 pixels on the longest side, but for best results please submit your full resolution image. Please do not name your submissions image 1, image 2 ... it increases the chances of your photos being missed during submission, especially if you do this in each category when submitting.NOTE: Images submitted for the slideshow may also be used in our monthly newsletter You’ll notice in the THEMES for 2017 that each month this year provides two options including a province or territory for you to submit photos from or about. Even if you haven’t been to that particular place, have you photographed their provincial flower, or bird? Do you enjoy a product that originates in that province? The Themes may be literal or figurative, and we always encourage you to engage your imagination and your sense of humour!


All images appearing in the slideshows and Barrie Photo Club website are the exclusive property of its respective owner and are protected under the Canadian and International Copyright laws. The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the prior written permission of its owner. Use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept or illustration (digital, artist rendering or alike) is a violation of the Canadian and International Copyright laws, any unauthorised use may be subject to legal proceedings. All images are copyrighted © of the respective photographer.

More than one club outing this month?

Three submissions are allowed per outing, so if we have two outings in a month, then you can submit a total of six images for that category.

If you experience upload issues

A current issue with uploads is an limitation on file sizes. Some members have experienced issues uploading their submissions and receive this error message (click here to view). The system we use has an overall file size limit in place which is a combined total of 10MB for your three uploads. If you encounter issues; try uploading your images in a split upload, for example, send two, and then send the third. Alternatively you can try resizing your images slightly smaller (no smaller that 1024 pixels). If you still find you are having issues then please email your submission directly to and please use the subject to indicate the appropiate category being submitted to.

A previous issue prevented the submission page from displaying properly; if you cannot see the submit button, please delete your browser cache ( is a good guide if you do not know how to do this) and then try the submission page again

This upload system has a file size limit that is beyond the control of the camera club - If you encounter an upload issue; try splitting up your upload and/or try resizing your images to 1080px on the longest side. If you still encounter issues, please email the webmaster at