illuminate Barrie
When: Sep 3

Meet on location as follows:

Carpool opportunities:

Admission Fee: $

Information will be added soon

If you are planning to attend this outing you must send an email to

Please indicate if you will be driving,
are looking for a ride or are planning to meet us on location at 10am.
Further details, information for the day or how to contact me
on the day of the outing will only be sent to those that have sent an
email indicating they are coming. Also, if things change last minute
and you are not able to attend, please send an email indicating that
you will not be attending.

Please remember Outings are only open to current BPC members; this is a consideration for insurance coverage purposes. However, new members are welcome to join at an Outing

Coming up

September (Labour Day weekend) 3rd illuminate Barrie

Fireworks festival, Barrie

September 22-24th

Weekend exploring Bruce Penninsula National Park and Tobermory

Saturday, October ‎14th
Waterfall "workshop" with Trent Woods at‎ Brooks Falls near Emsdale and Stubbs falls in Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Sunday, October 22nd - Pumkinferno, Victoria Harbour