NEXT OUTING: Algonquin Park
When: March 30th

Meet on location as follows:Canadian Tire Gas Bar on Bayfield Street for carpooling for 4:45am, leaving shortly after, or at the West Gate for 6:30-6:45am.

Carpool opportunities: please advise when you confirm attendance if you require a ride or can offer car pooling

Admission Fee:


Daily Permit is $17.00 per car (you will need exact change or credit card to pay as there is just a machine at this time of day). Please be sure to share the cost of gas and fees with your driver.

My plan is to first drive the Hwy all the way to the east gate (60km's) to look for wildlife or any spots that are safe to stop for photos first thing in the morning. It is hard to plan for a sunrise location because often the roads are not plowed as well in many areas, and going "off trail" means deep snow only accessible by snowshoes. So we'll drive to the end, turn around and then head up to Opeongo Rd as far as you can go and park there. There will be a variety of birds to photograph in this area and we will also walk up the road a ways to look for otters, beavers or other such interesting things to photograph. Throughout the day we'll look for other birding locations, pine martins, hike the spruce bog trail (usually fairly packed down and easy to walk in the winter), stop at the visitor centre for lunch (small cafeteria or you can bring your lunch along) and anything beautiful we see in between. And I'll often revisit locations within the day to see what else it may offer.
Please dress for the weather including proper footwear. Bring snacks, lunch and water.
I won't be setting a specific itinerary for the day as the winter is more unpredictable and hard to set. Therefore it is quite important that you email me at as I often send out more details just to those attending as well as sending out my cell phone number so that you can reach me through the day should be arriving later, etc and cell receptions is fairly decent along Hwy 60.

We welcome all new members to come out as well and we always have a few members that are able to help with camera/settings etc should you need any.

If you are planning to attend this outing you must send an email to

Please indicate if you will be driving, are looking for a ride or are planning to meet us on location at 10am Further details, information for the day or how to contact me on the day of the outing will only be sent to those that have sent an email indicating they are coming. Also, if things change last minute and you are not able to attend, please send an email indicating that you will not be attending.

Please remember Outings are only open to current BPC members; this is a consideration for insurance coverage purposes. However, new members are welcome to join at an Outing

Coming up


Saturday, April 27th.
Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
$25+hst per person and this allows us a private viewing for 2 hours before they open to the public where we can use tripods or other photographic equipment.
More details to come!

**Still looking for a location to do light painting in April (before the bugs come out). On old building, vehicle, etc that is located in a dark area would be ideal. Please email me if you have any suggestions.