When: Saturday January 13th

Meet on location as follows: Sunnidale Park at the "Arboretum" end for 9am

Carpool opportunities:

Admission Fee:


There is usually street parking if it is has been plowed right along Sunnidale Rd or you can park along Oakridge Drive which is just across the street. 

Focus: We will be focusing on B&W opportunities (For example: looking for contrast, including solid blacks, whites and range in between, textures, etc) also a variety of birds, squirrels, etc or anything else you can find within our morning!

We will meet up after for a coffee or bite to eat. Timing will depend on temperature for the day but will make a decision on location!


If you are planning to attend this outing you must send an email to

Please indicate if you will be driving, are looking for a ride or are planning to meet us on location at 10am Further details, information for the day or how to contact me on the day of the outing will only be sent to those that have sent an email indicating they are coming. Also, if things change last minute and you are not able to attend, please send an email indicating that you will not be attending.

Please remember Outings are only open to current BPC members; this is a consideration for insurance coverage purposes. However, new members are welcome to join at an Outing

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Saturday, January 13th
Sunnidale Park - looking for B&W opportunities