Club Exhibitions

The Club’s annual exhibition in the Rotunda of City Hall is in September 2017 (restricted to club members only)

Iimages must be a minimum 12” x 18”; framed, plaqued o stretched on canvas secured with proper picture frame hardware (wire not string). There is no theme for this exhibition, however you are encouraged to display work that you have photographed within the past year. Photos will hang on chains and hooks, so all photos submitted must have wire on the back to be able to hang on the hooks. This means no string can be used.

Set up is at City Hall Rotunda on Friday September 1st, 9am.

If you are unable to bring your submissions to City Hall, you are asked to bring them to the general meeting in June.

  • Each member may submit two images.
  • Each image must have a title.   e.g. “Sunset over Barrie”
  • Your name and the title should also be on the back of the finished picture. The Club will print up identification cards to be attached to the front of your image that can be viewed by the public.

The pictures will be taken down on Friday September 28th , 9AM. We would encourage you to pick your picture up that morning from City Hall. We would like to encourage everyone to take part in this exhibit. This is not a competition, just a great way to show off your work and the contribution that the Club provides to the cultural scene in Barrie and area.

Questions regarding the exhibition should be directed to Melvina McCaw, Vice President at