Mentor Program

learning imageThe Internet provides such a valuable resource in learning, and everyone has a different way or style of learning. Sometimes we need one on one instruction; whether it be to learn the basics, or refine our skills. Within our club, we have a mix of skill levels and experience, from beginner to professional. The premise of this program is to allow a member to contact a member that has experience, on a one to one basis, and ask for help in developing respective skills. It allows them to schedule a time that is flexible and works for both of them, and allows learning at their own pace. Arrangements made between members are just that, between the members, and should be respected as such. Barrie Photo Club is not responsible for any such arrangements made between members. Since contact information is being provided in a password protected section of the website and made available to members only, Barrie Photo Club would ask that you respect the privacy of the individuals offering to mentor and not disclose emails.